Painting 213

Here are some pics of 3 different paintings from my Painting 213 class. With the last assignment I've provided many shots of the painting in progres.

2nd Painting
This is the second of 4 paintings.
3rd Painting
This is the 3rd of 4 paintings.

Last Painting Blank

This is the final painting at the very beginning with no paint.


The first thing I painted was a basic figure.


Then I began filling in the spaces with solid colors.
(The painting is actually hanging on the wall upside down in this shot.)


More solidifying.


Now I've begun paying attention to detail.



The final product. Unfortunately you can't see too much due to the poor quality of my digital camera.

Here are a few shots of the canvas up close. These were taken half way through, which means this paint is all covered up now.

Up Close

Up Close

Up Close

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